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Our Cornhole boards are CNC cut for precision. Our boards are built out of top quality, 18mm Baltic Birch top to bottom.  That means that every part is built out of this high-quality material.  We have specialized bracing under the hood to ensure high performance on our sets. These are designed for competition which means no bouncy boards. We test our sets on the hardest of surfaces to ensure the highest performance.

We take pride in the detail and strength of our boards. Our designs are unique and fun.  If you like what we are creating, please have confidence in purchasing a BooYah Board today.  These cornhole boards will last you for years and years under the proper care.


Details include:
*CNC cut to perfection
*Pocket screws to attach top plywood to frame (no screw holes from the top show)
*Routed on all edges (less damage to bags)
*Frame includes specialized bracing for less bag bounce (very important)